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Well, as I am sat here typing the skies are grey and the air is filled with a very light damp drizzle. The trees in the distant are an array of beautiful colours and there is certainly a slight chill. This can mean only one thing. Autumn is here and summer is all but a fleeting memory. 
It has been a busy month here at Fitzworthy, with much more to come.

Outdoor Arena Refurbishment. 
At the end of September, start of October, Fitzworthy closed for a week, allowing our hard working four legged friends to enjoy a well deserved week off. Whilst they were relaxing in the sunshine, us two legged people, did not get the nice relaxing time. It was decided that we would add some more sand to the existing surface and tidy up the outside, however after close inspection it was discovered the extent of work required to improve our outdoor arena was massive. The entire surface was lifted, chippings laid, new membrane laid, followed by lots and lots of sand. Six long days later and the school was finished. Huge thanks to Nev and Rach for all of their help and hard work that week

Horse News 
As you all know, Theme Tune suffered a serious injury last month, severing tendons and ligaments in her hind leg. I am pleased to report that she is recovering so well. Vets are now happy for myself and Kim to execute the dressing changes and we are so impressed with her healing. I would show you, but the pictures may still be a little graphic for some of our readers. She is walking better than the vets anticipated so fingers crossed this great progress continues.

Warrior and Chance have now been castrated and are over in our Lutton fields recovering with Tommy. All went very well, so now they all just need time to grow and be foals.

We welcome to the yard, Chip, Glow and Sophie. All three have settled in very well and we are sure you will see them out and about soon.

Staff News 
You all know Rachel Beale, she has been here as a volunteer for just over 12 months. We now welcome her on to the team as an apprentice student. She is based with Duchy college and will be with us for the next 18 months on her course.

Kim and Amy had a great day out at a local dressage day recently, Kim came 1st in the prelim section with our very own Pearl and Amy with Chit Chat were fourth.

wispa zoom

Wispa is one of our loan horses from Noah's Arc Sou' West. When she arrived with us she had a small wound under her chin that appeared infected. After months of veterinary treatment and advice, the wound was not healing so X-rays were taken. This has shown that she is suffering with her tooth roots and she requires surgery to remove the effected tooth. As this was a pre exisiting condition when we re homed Wispa, Noah's Ark Sou'West have very kindly agreed to help us raise funds for the cost of her surgery. Please keep an eye out on our webpage and Facebook for any news and events. If you would like to donate to help Wispa you can do direct to Noah's Ark Sou'West Charity Number 1112884 
You can donate via their web site, please just quote Wispa, when you do.


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