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News August 2015

Hoofing Marvellous - dedicated to helping horses go barefoot and help rid the domestic equine world of unnecessary lameness, Rachel Briffa takes great pride in working with our horses hooves and helping the horses to remain barefoot to the best of her ability.

Fitzworthy Equestrian Centre is in support of the barefoot horse trying to keep the horses as natural as possible within their enviroment, obviously if some of our horses are better off with being shod, we will have to help the horse during this period of activity.

We also use flexy saddles or treeless saddles made by Heather Moffett, when we teach EE lessons and times of training the horses, also in support of the holistic approach to the horses back and muscles during growth and develpoment.

EE trainers Kim Pilling and Trevor Ford work with breaking the young and all horses at the yard ridden and from the ground. Enlightened Equitation is based on french classical dressage and support the eduction of horses and riders in this style. Fitzworthy also uses clicker training and Natural horsemanship for training of the horses and we welcome anybody who requires help with their own horse.

Rachel Briffa and Trevor Ford can also help you with Trailer loading problems if you wish to help your horses fears fad away, get yourself to that show or event or even just out for the day with a happy calm horse or pony.

Fitzworthy has adopted horses and work alongside the charity Noahs Ark horse rescue centre. We fully support the great efforts they put in trying to rehome these horses and ponies bringing them back into a loving and healthy enviroment.


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